Terms of Sale

Terms of Sale 

Thank you for choosing a TLC Farms kid or adult Nubian dairy goat to add to your herd!  We have always said that when you purchase an animal from us it comes with “24 hour roadside assistance,” and we are serious about that.  We do not want any buyer to feel like they cannot contact us with questions regarding the care and upkeep of any TLC Farms dairy goats they have purchased from us.  

Here at TLC Farms, we abide by the ADGA Recommended Trade Practices for Members (section XIX in the ADGA Guidebook).  ADGA registration certificates or applications for registration are provided to the buyers of all of our animals, with the exception of bucks sold as wethers, or any goats sold as non-breeding pets.


We do not usually accept reservations for kids prior to their birth.  We do, however, keep a list of potential buyers and the kids they would like to purchase, and we contact those buyers within 24 hours of the birth of those kids.  At that time, should the potential buyer wish to reserve the kid, a $100 deposit is required to hold it.  If we do not receive a response within three days, we will remove you from our contact list, and move on to the next person.

Experienced breeders are encouraged to take possession of their kids when the kids are between 3-4 weeks of age.  Folks who are just starting out with goats should consider leaving the kids with us until they are fully weaned at 12 weeks of age.  There is no extra charge for this service.

Please note that we reserve the right to retain any kid as a herd replacement, should we choose to do so.

Payment Methods:  We accept PayPal, Venmo or cash.  

Pick Up or Transport?

Should you decide to have your new kid delivered to you (via ground or air), you will be responsible for all shipping costs including the shipping crate, airfare, any required health tests and interstate health certificates, prior to time of shipping.  We reserve the right to pre-approve any third-party ground transportation services, and have a list of suggested transporters that we trust.  Buyers, of course, are welcome to pick up their kids from us at the farm, or at any shows or events we attend during the year (such as the ADGA Convention).  We can often transport kids locally within a 100 mile radius for a modest charge.

Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions regarding our terms of sale.