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Sensitive Skin Castile Goat Milk Soap

Unscented Castile Soap

Lavender Tea Tree Goat Milk Soap

Lavender Tea Tree Facial Bar

If you’re looking for a special bar of facial soap or need a mild, unscented soap to soothe your sensitive skin, one of these goat milk soaps is sure to please. $5.00 each.

Unscented Castile: 50% olive oil and no coconut oil, scents or colorings

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Lavender Tea Tree Facial Bar: People are raving about our newly reformulated facial bar for oily or problem skin.  It contains generous amounts of castor, hemp and babassu oils and shea butter as well as palm, coconut, palm kernel and olive oils.  We’ve added a touch of French Green Clay, known for its skincare properties, and fragranced it with a combination of Lavender and Tea Tree essential oils.

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Carrot Coconut Facial Bar: Formulated for a "soap challenge" on a Facebook page I belong to, this soap turned out so well we decided to add it to our 2014 line up. This bar is made with the same skin loving oils as our Lavender Tea Tree Facial Bar but it contains no clays and is better for dry skin. This bar also contains coconut milk and carrots and is fragranced with an essential oil blend of Orange and Lavender.

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Soap: Salt Bars

Salt Bar

Looking for something extra special for your bath? If so, you should try a salt bar—they're simply amazing. The abundant and creamy lather, along with the gentle exfoliation provided by the salts in this spa-type soap, gently removes dead skin cells and leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth. Our salt soaps also contain French green clay, shea butter and goat milk to add extra silkiness. These bars are scented with a wonderful ozone-like fragrance oil reminiscent of a gentle breeze blowing in from the ocean. $5.00 each.

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Shaving Soap

Ivy-relief Soap

Shaving Soap

Once you try our richly lathering, non-drying shaving soaps, you’ll throw that can of commercially produced chemical foam in the garbage. Made with the creamy milk from our Nubian dairy goats and containing high-quality oils known for their moisturizing properties, plus a generous amount of clay that enables your razor to glide across your skin without nicking or scratching. Your skin will thank you! $5.00 each.

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Ivy-Relief Soap

Originally formulated for a friend who spent her time outdoors trying to avoid the poison ivy that seemed to hide around every corner of her farm, this bar of soap is wonderful for removing the irritating oils this plant produces. Contains jewelweed-infused olive oil, pine tar and clay with Tea Tree essential oil. $5.00 each.

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Texas Soaps

Take a piece of Texas with you wherever you go with one of our Tiny Texas Soaps. At 2.5 ounces each, these little beauties fit perfectly into your carry-on luggage, or take a couple with you to give as hostess gifts. They also make wonderful Texas-themed wedding favors! All the goodness of our regular TLC Farms goat milk soap packed into a little Texas-shaped bar. $2.50 each.

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Texas Soaps


Guest Soaps

Travel & Guest Bars

Our round 2-ounce goat milk soaps are perfect for travel or in the guest bath.

Package of three soaps in our choice of scents. $6.00 package

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