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Kastdemur's Next Key

M's Sagebrush MK Klass Action


Next Key  

Kastdemur's Next Key

N 1326415

DOB 02/11/05

     SS: Kastdemur’s MPR Liaison
Sire: Kastdemur’s LE Exacta
     SD: Kastdemur’s CPE No Excuses

     DS: Kastdemur’s LH Full Service
Dam: Kastdemur’s Next Exit
     DD: Kastdemur’s CPE No Explanation

Key’s dam, Kastdemur’s Next Exit, appraised EX 90, and is one in a long line of Kastdemur does possessing excellent udders, beautiful breed character, depth of body, length over the topline and angularity that they have passed on to their offspring. Key is no exception. He is very tall, long buck. As with Zanzibar, we have been very pleased with Key’s kids, many of whom won their restricted legs as junior does and now are placing at the top of their senior doe classes. Key’s 2008 Linear Appraisal Score: Key – VEE 91 (Excellent in Head, Back and Rump, Very Good in Front and Rear Legs). 

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Klass Action "Ace"  

M's Sagebrush MK Klass Action


DOB: 03/04/10

     SS: Wingwood Farm Ty Zapata
Sire: M's Sagebrush ZAP Milo
     SD: M's Sagebrush Katero's Milan

     DS: Stoney's End Supreme Rogue
Dam: SGCH J&R Spirit's SESR Klass Act 3*M
     DD: Desert-Willow KE CK Kailia

G6S Normal, LA 01-06 VEE 88

Ace comes from Marshall Losey's very competitive M's Sagebrush herd in Arizona. His sire's full sister was second place Senior Yearling at the 2010 National Show in Louisville and has been accepted into the 2010 ADGA Spotlight Sale. His dam appraised 91 EEEE in 2009. Ace's bloodlines are chock-full of the genetics we love and have worked with over the last ten-plus years—4B, Kastdemur's and Wingwood Farm. He and senior herdsire Kastdemur's Viento share the same paternal grand-dam: SGCH Wingwood Farm KR LaLinda.



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Other Bucks Used in Our Breeding Program

TLC-Farms KV Goldfinger
Sire: Kastdemur’s Viento
Dam: Narrow Chance Breakaway Anne

TLC-Farms ATL Dr. No
Sire: Alize Take It To The Limit
Dam: 4B Celebrity Cinnamon Pudding

TLC-Farms Next Don Juan
Sire: Kastdemur’s Next Key
Dam: 4B Alamo Freedom Party

TLC-Farms KV Skeeter
Sire: Kastdemur’s Viento
Dam: Live-Oak Cougar’s Glo Bug

Wingwood Farm Tac’s Troy
Sire: Wingwood Farm Real Tactitian
Dam: Wingwood Farm LR Twyla

Goldfinger and Dr. No live with Karen Dierolf and Eric Tippet at Caprino Royale Farm in Waco.

Don Juan (a/k/a The Bishop) and Skeeter live with Christian and Lisa Seger at Blue Heron Farm in Hempstead.


Buck line, winter 2012


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