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Dog Soap and Salve

Love My Dog Soap

Dogs love goat milk soap too! A bath with this doggie-bone shaped bar of gentle soap will leave your canine friends smelling fresh and clean without drying out their skin or fur. $5.00 each.

Flea Beware: cedar-lemongrass-citronella

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Fur-So-Soft: lavender-orange

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Dog Nose Salve

I formulated this gentle salve after I noticed that our Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog, Dottie, was plagued with face flies during the summer months. A light application of this olive oil-based salve on Dottie’s muzzle and ears took care of the problem. Scented with a combination of lavender and lemon eucalyptus essential oils, it’s great for minor skin abrasions and hot spots too. Available in 1-ounce clear plastic jars. $4.00 each.

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