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Welcome to the Web home of TLC Farms Nubian Dairy Goats and TLC Farms Goat Milk Soaps & Body Care Products. We are located approximately 40 miles north of Bryan, Texas on 15 acres of rolling post oak savannah. Our "family" consists of our herd of Nubian dairy goats, plus numerous cats, dogs, chickens, ducks and a pair of donkeys.

Caroline and goats Tom and I have been raising goats since 1992, and I've been a member of the American Dairy Goat Association since 1994. We purchased our first goats to have as pets but soon decided that we wanted more than just brush-eaters, we wanted to breed Nubians that were structurally correct, well-behaved and productive, as well as successful in the show ring. And we wanted to be able to reproduce these traits in subsequent generations. In order to reach these goals we've taken advantage of both ADGA's linear appraisal program as well as the USDA's Dairy Herd Improvement for the Registry program (DHIR or "milk test"). Many of our does have now earned their milk stars through being on test, finished their championships, received excellent linear appraisal scores and been awarded superior genetics classification through ADGA. We're seeing the same successes being passed down from one generation to the next.

We test annually for CAE and have had a CAE/CL negative herd for many years. Our senior herd sires and several of our older does have been tested for the G6S genetic anomaly through the Texas Veterinary Diagnostic Lab at Texas A&M University and all are G6S normal. Our bucks are also DNA typed through the Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis.

Herd health is a top priority. We feed a 16% dairy ration and Sudan hay plus free-choice minerals. Milkers are fed alfalfa hay during their lactation and kids are raised on a coccidia-prevention program. All animals are vaccinated and dewormed regularly, and are copper-bolused and given Bo-Se twice a year. Our kids are removed from their dams at birth and hand raised on free-choice milk in pens separated from the main doe herd.

In 2002, we began making goat milk soap with the excess milk from the does, and the business took off in a big way. Today TLC Farms goat milk soaps and other body care products can be found in numerous stores in South/Central Texas as well as on our website. We also attend the Waco Downtown Farmers Market on Saturdays from September through April.

In 2005 we were very fortunate to acquire two bucks from Karen Senn, Kastdemur's Next Key and Kastdemur's Oh Zanzibar, both of whom have had a major impact on the quality of the Nubians being born into our herd. In 2008 we added a third Kastdemur buck to our herd, Kastdemur's Viento (a.k.a."Vinnie"), who has complemented those genetics. In 2010 three junior herdsires were welcomed into the herd, Miabella PS Nick at Night, M's Sagebrush MK Klass Action, and Alize Take It To The Limit. All three have Kastdemur's in their backgrounds as well as the Wingwood Farm and 4B lines that we've worked with for many years.

In 2011 and were very pleased that of 13 does and 5 bucks appraised, 9 animals scored Excellent, including SGCH TLC-Farms NK Darby 1*M (EEEE 92), Kastdemur's Next Key +*B (EEE 91) and Live-Oak Cougar's Glo Bug (VEEE 91). Darby finished her championship at the first show of the 2011 season, Glo Bug earned a second championship leg at the age of 7, and Next Tune finished her championship as well. Belle claimed another Best Doe in Show award and several Best of Breed awards. Darby, Belle Starr, Penelope and Zerelda were also granted Superior Genetics status by ADGA. Tawanda, Glo Bug, Buttercup, Next Tune and Darby all earned their milking starts as well, with Tawanda getting hers at the ripe old age of 9!

2012 found us attending a number of spring shows where Zerelda earned two legs towards her permanent championship, Belle and Tune won Best of Breed honors, and Belle added another Best Doe In Show award to her collection. We attended the 2012 ADGA National Show in Loveland, Colorado in July with 9 does, 5 of whom placed in the top ten. Highlights of the show included Belle winning 3 place/3rd udder in the aged doe class and daughter Zerelda placing 5th in her two-year-old class. Belle was also named Reserve All American Nubian 5 Years and Over by the International Nubian Breeders Association. Zerelda, Harmony and Della Rose are all on track to earn their milking stars this year.

The beginning of 2013 saw the last kids from Kastdemur’s Viento live breedings being born. "Vinnie" certainly made a huge impact on our herd, but with so many animals now related to him we decided it was time for him to find a home with another herd that could use his amazing genetics. We participated in linear appraisal and were humbled by having not one, but two does score EEEE 92 – Darby, for a second time, and Next Tune. In the show ring, Belle’s oldest daughter, Della Rose, started off the show season by winning the first leg of her championship and following in her dam’s hoofprints, going Best Doe In Show. At the last show of 2013, Della Rose repeated that with two championships and one Best Doe In Show at the Brazos Valley Fair, becoming our fifth homebred finished champion and our first "second generation" finished champion as well. We were honored to have one of Darby’s sons sired by Vinnie accepted as an ADGA Spotlight Sale consignment at the Annual Meeting and even more thrilled when he was purchased by Jason Alexander of New York. 2013 was also the year I decided to retire from my fulltime job at The Texas A&M University System and devote more time to our farm-based businesses. This was a big step for me, but so far it has been one I have not regretted for a minute! We’re now looking forward to 2014 with a couple of successful AI breedings due in April and, hopefully, a trip to the ADGA National Show in Louisville, Kentucky.

Please take a few minutes to visit our site, and if you have any questions, feel free to send us an e-mail or give us a call. You can also "like" TLC Farms on FaceBook to keep up with goings-on at the farm.

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