GCH TLC-Farms Tawanda's Next Tune 5*M

TLC-Farms Tawanda's Next TuneDOB: 02-11-07

Sire: Kastdemur’s Next Key

Dam: Heritage Oaks Theron’s Tawanda

G6S Normal
LA 04-06 VVEE 90
DHIR 04-00 232 DIM, 1870 lbs. Milk, 77 lbs. BF, 62 lbs. Protein

Tune is always easy to see, she’s the tall, spotted doe in our mostly monotone herd of browns and creams. She’s also usually the one who’s doing the most talking. Tune finished her championship as a four-year-old in 2011. She also earned her milking star. Tune has a wonderful length of bone and smoothness of blending, along with an exceptionally well attached and capacious udder and lovely, flat topline.


Nubian dairy goat Tawanda's Next Tune



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