4B Klassic Rock Sonata


DOB: 3/20/06

     SS: Will O’The Wisp Red Rock
Sire: M’s Sagebrush Klassic Rock
     SD: M’s Sagebrush Acres SDS Katey

     DS: Andee-Bees Rhinestone Cowboy
Dam: B&M Rhinestone Sautille
     DD: 4B Smooth Harmony

LA 05-05 VVEV 89

Another of our productive brood does, Sonny is the last of several does I purchased from Bev Wallace in 2006. Sonny stands on strong legs and has a well attached udder that could be a bit higher in the rear. We’ve retained Sonny’s 2011 daughter by M’s Sagebrush MK Klass Action, TLC-Farms Ace Sedona, who looks to be an improved version of her dam.

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